Monday, November 7, 2011

A Good Electrocution

Birdtown Comics
I have no idea why I drew this one today. I'm not making fun of the death penalty or 'Ol Sparky or serial killers or anything else like that. To be honest I'm strangely fascinated with it all. I remember watching a long documentary on the Electric Chair as a child, and at the ripe old age of 6 I decided right then that I, for one, would not be choosing a life of crime.
I actually have a big heart for inmates. Especially Death Row people. I can't think of anything more profound than knowing the day and time you will die. In a way, those doomed to die, by whatever form, are the lucky ones. They are facing Eternity in the eye. They can see the door, and they know they must walk through it. They have the incredible opportunity to really figure things out, fast.
We, on the other hand, just might keep on frolicking blindly through life, never paying attention to important things, remaining numb due to the false comfort of our society, then we die and then we're all, oh no, how did I wind up here in Hell?

See, a serial killer won't have that problem. He already grappled with all that deep stuff. How much you wanna bet, Heaven is filled with killers?

I can't wait to meet Jeffrey Dahmer.

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