Thursday, November 17, 2011

Single Moms: Makin The World A Better Place

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*This comes from my everlovin' heart to every single parent out there who's doing it on their own with little or no support. A monthly child support check is a blessing of course but I'm talking about some REAL SUPPORT. Love and encouragement from family, perhaps. An occasional acknowledgement of what strength it must take to handle the daily task of it all. Respect.

If this harsh world can't muster up the sensitivity I think is proper to give to single parents, and I don't think it ever will, allow me to take it upon myself, someone who's been there and done that, to say, if you are a single parent, THANK YOU for everything you're doing, I know it's hard, I know...

More power to you. More blessings on you. More strength to you. More love, more joy, more peace to you. May your home be filled with everything it needs, both tangible goods and intangible. May your children make good grades and have minimal cavities at their next checkup. May they sleep in peace with no nightmares. May you figure out how to be friends with the Baby Daddy or Momma. May you have all the food you need for each day. May your car not stall or break down, and may you have the money to fix it when it does.

Hang in there.

You are in a very special time of your life that will come to an end all too soon.



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