Saturday, December 3, 2011

Medical Journal: Enhance Your Love Life With A Lobotomy!

I know what you're thinking. "Why a lobotomy? Don't I need my frontal lobe?"

...And that's a very good question. Yes, you do need your brain fully intact, but only up until a certain time in life. Once the age of 40 is reached the brain begins to migrate backwards, slowly, to it's original state. That's why by the time we die, we're not that smart.

A new study by a team of very accurate doctors suggests, if we take matters into our own hands, (no pun intended), we can circumvent that undesirable mental decline completely. What this team recommends is going in for a Full Frontal Lobotomy at the age of 40. It's painless and becoming more and more affordable, as doctors make this procedure an attractive surgery at even more attractive prices. Studies even point out that a person's romantic life is greatly improved post-lobomy due to the lessening of the abillity to care about what his or her significant other is doing. In fact, 67% of lobotomized men aged 45 to 50 report absolutely no problem whatsoever with their spouses' cheating. Additionally, 59% of women who have undergone the procedure say they are not only "unbothered" by their husband's cross-dressing, but are now "flattered" and "amused" when catching their man rummaging through the lingere drawer.

In conclusion, going in for a lobotomy is a growing trend and could very well be the answer to today's troubled and stressful world. Ask your family practitioner today about whether this procedure is right for you.

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